Sunday, December 26, 2004

Flagstaff, AZ - Inn Suites 2*

Front Desk gave great directions on phone prior to arrival.

Check-in was smooth and given direction to my first floor room in the second building up a small hill from the desk.

Room computer key didn't work....went back to desk to get key worked.

The rooms have a living area with a couch, tv and bathroom with sink and shower and a bedroom with tv and sink and shower.

Both rooms had a ac/heater in each with a thermostat. Room was in the 50's when I first arrived and hit the heater and was not working....after a call to the desk was asked "is it plugged in"? .....Nope.....I plugged it in and the heaters were activated.... The bedroom thermostat wasn't working with the temp gauge so it was then I guess on or off it I manually turned it off.

My hotel rooms dead-bolt would not was late and well just closed the latch-bolt and made sure door was locked.

Room and bed was ok and they had some nice amenities like shampoo and a small bottle of water and a microwave and fridge and cable tv. The front desk has a computer w/ internet for guest use and they have posted free newspapers.....well the desk clerk said one newspaper and its left on the counter at the front desk - LOL!

Hotel on the Route 66 and if you come up from Phoenix you just stay on I 17 and go thru town then its on the left just on the left as you just leave it. There are train-tracks across the street -though the train did go by once I think It never bothered me.

On morning of departure left room to open my vehicle and locked the hotel room. When I tried to open hotel room -key didn't work again. It was 15 degrees out!!! Called desk on my cell phone and the gal says she'll send a worker over.....after a few more tries I got in the room!!!

Let the hotel clerk know of my dead-bolt problem in my room on departure.

The hotel lock problem and the dead-bolt problem was very disappointing to me. I realize this was a *2 with priceline and is AAA approved but problems with having a secure hotel room and having working locks is a concern.