Saturday, June 4, 2011

Known Website Issues

Here are some current known issues that we're working on. These issues goes as follows:

1) Some of the links on each web page are going to "page not found" (404). We’re working on the issue. [Fixed]
2) Some videos are not playing. Says "error has occurred." Working on this issue. Most have been repaired. Let me know in the comments if you find a video that does not work. [All videos should be working]
3) My Blogger Profile is not working right now. Getting a bX-24rf62, bX-g0pew9 error code. [fixed]
4) New error codes when trying to access bX-u3xmhq or bx-wzwyb2 [fixed]
5)The Webmaster Tools "Fetch as Googlebot" is not working. Getting an error response of "Your request has been denied. Reason: Your weekly request quota was exceeded. Please try again in a few days." Last successful use of this tool was on 6/22/11 3:40 PM. [July 9, 2011] [Fixed, Removed Google + button]
6) Google +1 Button (Google) is having major problem. On my end I am getting "You +1'd this publicly." on all my searches. How do you get rid of the Google +1 Button? [Fixed]
7) Update: July 23, 2011: My Blogger Profile is still not working. Now getting a bX-9nw370, bX-9safpb and bX-dno7tg errors. [fixed]
8) Fixed on March 20, 2012 "page not found" (404)errors these sub domains: blog, breakingnews
9) Added Blog Comment Policy on all subdomains of site. [Comments have been removed]

Please feel free to contact me if you happen to find a bug.