Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barbeque Chicken, Pork and Rice Dinner

Barbeque Chicken and Pork Dinner

Brown rice. Steams in the bag in 4:00 minutes!
Photo by Peter Kosednar.

Hungry-Man Smokin Backyard Barbeue tv dinner.
Photo by Peter Kosednar.

Yummy dinner tonight! Shopped at the Warmart on the Salt River Indian Reservation. Found brown rice that cooks in the bag in 4 minutes. Main course was grilled chicken patty and a pork patty with chipotle bbq sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet corn and a chocolate brownie. Main course cooking time: 5 1/2 minutes. Brown rice cooking time: 4 minutes.

Dinner Cost:
Hungry-Man: 2.47
Minute Brown Rice: 1.27
Sub Total: $3.74 + tax