Saturday, September 28, 2013

Indian Bend Wash Shared-Use Path - Hike

Photo by Peter Kosednar

Hike: Indian Bend Wash Shared-Use Path - Scottsdale, AZ
Date: 09/28/2013
Type: Hiking
Time: N/A
Distance: 3.0 miles
Average Elevation Gain: N/A

Started at around 6:55 PM MST and finished around 8:00 PM MST. Started at Camelback Park parking lot at Camelback Rd + Hayden Rd and hiked to Hayden Rd + McDonald Drive (just south of) and back. I was looking for the bobcat that was sighted at Chaparral Park Friday night near McDonald and Hayden. 79 F at 8 PM! 3 bike path lights were out at Chaparral Park. Lighting problems in the pedestrian tunnel under Camelback Rd + Hayden. No police seen. Hike, bike, walk at your own risk.